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Author Notes:

Thah S. 28th Sep 2016, 9:46 AM
Thah S.
Yes Everlasting Garden Fields shall return once more! However, it is going into reboot. As you can tell Nova in different color uniform that may be permanent or not. Also because from start of my own Webcomic and EGF, I just went in blindly as I drew them and try piece them altogether later. In which did not go well, at least for me. Thus, rebooting EGF and hopefully better, for I may draw blindly again due to my endless imagination of my brain.Xp Which I still blame.XD

Here's other major point why need reboot:
-Storyline & Website.
-Redo Cast, their profile & appearance.(Most may stay same)
-Quite cliché by starting Nova off as new student
-Plus Nova personality give off empty and plain persona or reader-insert feel
-Introducing bit too many character(I think)
-Change in style and uniform

What about your old EGF comic?
Ima keep it for anyone still want read, and my own reminder, of how I started this, Everlasting Garden Fields, Webcomic. Thus not going delete it.:D EVER.

How about Music in Tarot Cards?
Will be on going no matter what even if my update is seriously irregular.:p

What about the timeline between MitTC and EGF, will that change too?
And also, it's depend. For changes in EGF, maybe not affect MitTC because Nova is year younger than major cast, Runeildo and Kulap, and same age as them. Thus, the ending I choose for MitTC is by end of their Freshman year in Starling high if not Sophmore year.Xp So Nova had yet to appear if I end MitTC story in their last year being Freshman. But Nova may appear, as background or something if not interacting with them, if I ended in end of their Sophmore years. But depend on story really.//shrugs//V(v^v)V

When will EGF return?
Maybe after Hallooween Exchange in ComicFury. If not, then somewhere November. Plus even if I EGF return, the update shall be irregular just like MitTC. Life is pain and drawing is time consuming tbh.(QAQ)/

*Also change picture in 'FFA Motto' so check it out~<3

Thus, hope clear things and still unbelieved how many still read this story, for Visitor Stats still go up. Used be 7k now it's 8k, gesh!XD


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