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Ch1, Page17

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Thah S. 25th Dec 2015, 5:30 AM
Thah S.
The '*' there has a reason.
*The Fool: Is a Tarot Cards use for reading your future. The Fool cards is one of 78 cards but also one of 22 Major Arcana Cards widely use. Also number present 0 for being one of 22 Major Arcana Cards. To know what The Fool meaning, Click Here.

*Tarot Cards: Tarot Cards is use to predict your future of any kind. Mostly used by Psychic and/or Master of a Tarot Cards Reading.

*The Thunderstorm: This one I made up but has a purpose role in this story. Those cards I made up will show up for reason and all has a meaning behind it. The Thunderstorm cards, in my own way; represent conflict or clashing while trying handling it on your own. Thus, withdrawn from other because of it either past or current event.

Learn more more about Tarot Cards Reading itself, Click Here.



azureXtwilight 25th Dec 2015, 4:55 PM
Comics about tarot cards are very interesting :) Letting you know I subscribed!
Thah S. 25th Dec 2015, 5:11 PM
Thah S.
Thax chu for subscribing~<3
Same but been reading before subscribing yours Re:Set.
Also you'll be see Tarot Cards reading in story half the time or often here~<3
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