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by Thah S.

To Reader,

Sorry if I haven't update past 2 weeks for few reason. 1. I'm really down and bit depress at the moment. 2. Need rethink my story plot for EGF cuz I thought I know how story flow but really been winging it here ant there with slow storyline in all. Thus, redo bit of the story but won't rebooting if anyone ask me that I'm gonna leave that alone just revising future event story that's all. 3. Losing motivation to draw and I'm easily motivated but can be demotivated depend my mood. So sux I don't feel like drawing now.DX

So Everlasting Garden Fields is going on temporary hiatus until get my story revise and straight out for easy flow and make sense. Though my other story, Music in the Tarot Cards, is same as well but still be continuing it despite the story changes I did and no update for while.


Thah S.

Edit: Another reason I'm more depress my mom 2 'refugee dogs' killed my old precious Mother of few old kitten, MeowMeow. Thus saddest day my life.(vTTATT)v

by Thah S.

Sorry if you all waiting on next comic~ Their few changes in comic including my homepage as you can see. I hate myself cuz I'm making excuse which is unacceptable.(TAT)/

1. My comic pages can change because of me or blame my endless imagination in my mind. Also due to ever changing ideas or adding more to it or mixing things up. It can be good... Or bad.(QAQII)

2. I'm not quite motivated as I used to, or to say I'm down right lazy, but doesn't mean I'm giving up my comic here like my other one~ I just need be motivated and need people to support me to keep going.

3. I'm changing or recoloring the homepage as you all can see. I wanted give a FFA feel as well as representing their color: Blue, Gold. Plus spect of Red that is the Rising Sun.


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