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Who am I?

My ComicFury username is MoonLotus-Hime but prefer called by Thah S. or just Thah. I'm just a girl who wanted be manga/cartoon artist or graphic designer, that is making a Webcomic of both Everlasting Garden Fields and Music in Tarot Cards. I'm more of bipolar in personality like I'm easily friendly to whomever and say hi but shy at same time. I'm talkative in real life but antisocial in real life and internet some reason, so I prefer stay close knitted place. I can easily be motivated but easily lazy sametime. I can stick to one storyline but become indecision about it. If you know what I mean by those thing.

EGF or Everlasting Garden Fields, What's the rebooted about?

The rebooted EGF is about a Junior high girl named Nova Helene, in her own perspective and who is a skeptic. She is a creative, enthusiastic and outgoing girl with passion for being Photographer and scrapbook like her parent. Though one of her biggest skeptic is about FFA and Agriculture for she think it plain boring, work harder and not fun environment to be in. Because that what she heard and mostly see. In a way, doesn't appreciate it and will be down right stubborn if she have to no matter what anyone says. But soon it changed by one simple strang card she found in Fairground's Floriculture area.

Whats the old EGF actually about before the reboot and why change it?

It about a shy, bullied and homeschooled 17 year old name Nova Helene. Been homeschool since she was little due to bullied but around age of 17, soon her family decided to make her go to school. Nova is mostly shy, envious and scared girl who doesn't know AG or FFA but had class for AG and soon learn about it. In the end, it fell shot cuz it too cliches, nova seem bland w/ not much personality or reader insert feel, and it came to immature. That why I wanted reboot it.

What is FFA and Agriculture?

FFA or Future Farmer of America, which had changed to National FFA now, was founded by group of young farmers around 1928. It soon became the largest student-run organization for increasing mainly for Agriculture, but it not only for that. It's also combination of science, business and art.

AG or Agriculture is science and/or practice of farming, it also including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. It also was the key development in the rise of inactive and advance urban human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that nurtured the development of civilization as year pressed on.

What the FFA mission?

To continue helping the next generation of farmer or farmer-related pathway as well as increase of interest of being in Agriculture. Plus, to feed the ever growing population as the year goes on.

"FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education."-FFA Quote

What is the FFA Motto they live by then?

"Living to do, Doing to Earn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve."

Where their website at?

You may find it on my Linkout or here.

National FFA Home-Their main homepage.

FFA New Horizon- Place for FFA member submit their stories of their chapter group for FFA magazine, FFA New Horizon.

Do you own them?

No. I just want comic about them.

Is it mostly about FFA and AG? And why?

Nope, there'll be other scenerios, arcs, special/holiday event and short story, that'll be different from it or related to it. For I wanted this be real life experience, Life issue/drama, daily routine of normal people do in high school and out. Also talking about FFA and AG all the time don't seem interesting for it'll get boring real fast and I want it be relatable to real life experience. In special way.

Why care to make a Webcomic about FFA and AG?

Before high school, I didn't know what is Agriculture or FFA because my none of my past or middle school never taught them nor have class for it or clubs. So I was left in the dark the whole time. Though my family do crops but I didn't know the another name for crops/farming to be honest. But soon I was in high school, still was clueless girl soon had pathway class, Agriculture. I didn't think of it and went with the flow, though, soon got know what is Agriculture and FFA. As year go on, I was making my own Fancomic called Xiaolin Warriors that I posted in DeviantArt. So making a Webcomic for FFA is later just like all my listed made comic but never been drawn. Though soon stopped doing my Fancomic when I found ComicFury, forever my main Webcomic site, wanting do my own Webcomic and thought might as well do one of my Webcomic I wanted do comic from start. Thus a Webcomic about FFA and Agriculture is where I start and soon EGF came to be. Why I care to make this is because FFA and Agriculture is slowly fading, least in my eyes and school I went too, wanting everyone be aware that our ever growing nation becoming more, we need more farmer out in fields work growing crops, raising animal and more. Without them, we'll wouldn't come this far. Plus, farming isn't the only pathways, there are planting of them but relate to them in many was. As well as showing FFA isn't uninteresting to other eyes nor just do farmer stuff. I want show it can be fun if given a try. 

Is there old title name before EGF? And how EGF became official name?

Yes, it obvious old name I couldn't think of better like Mission FFA Girl; it was obvious but didn't think of better title then, Blue Jacket; because the blue jacket has history than just wearing them it like apart of you(though saw FFA Mag that one of FFA school did story and had title of it.) and Wild Pack; thought this up cause AG is mostly farming animal then and inspiration by Fruits Basket. But that was when I'm still in high school.

How Everlasting Garden Fields came to be? I was going named it Wild Pack but my story was too similar to Fruits Basket, like I said got inspiration from, so thought up another story title. Couldn't think of good one but got EGF by few place or person. 1 is still Fruits Basket but thought change animal to crops/plant but still didn't think of it. 2 was my own character Kulap, which mean Rose, and her twin DokMei, which mean Plant in Thai and Laos. Also zo made Kulap's Tarot Cards a flower cards. Thought, huh, maybe people with garden. 3. Read Children of River and end of story I kinda drew a comic of the ending that has 'flowing' river in all and though of everlasting and fields. Cuz river in this story scream everlasting and flow of water is like field to me. And yeah, all of it came to me as Everlasting Garden Fields.

Is there a comic about AG and FFA?

There many but don't have FFA if you ask me, only Agriculture. The comic I recommend reading is Silver Spoon for it's very popular both as AG story and other non-agriculture audience. It's a enjoyable comic.


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