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Main Protagonist 

Nova Helene

Pronunciation: No-Vah Hey-Len

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

School: Junior, Starling High

Occupation: Photographer & Scrapbook maker

Reference: Coverpage1/Outfit1/

Bio: Nova is quite skeptical girl, near judgmental type, at everything she see, hear or thinks it is than experienced it herself fully. Nova is passionate and love of being photographer and scrapbook creating just like her parent job. Her father is photographer for wedding and mother is scrapbook maker to customized picture book for client on online. Thus, she became interested to do same as thing as her parent, thus helping out on in and out job with her parent when they need her help on job. Because none of her sibling aren't interested nor passion as her on their parent work.


Other Cast

Lixue Meiling Hua

Pronunciation: Lee-Sue May-Ling Who-Ah

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 4'7

School: Senior, Starling High

Occupation: Artist & Photographer 

Referance: Outfit1

Bio: One of Nova friend, her senior and classmate only in math. She is easily mistaken for freshmen or middle schooler cuz of her short height, if not been told by her or her senior outfit. Lixue love to do photography like Nova and draw art but more on art. For Lixue preferred to draw/sketch a lot on spare time or not than snapshot daily like Nova. One of reason both have in common and best friend of. Lixue is quite friendly and sort of shy that has a catlike personality and likes big jacket/shirt for odd reason. As well as wearing only boys uniform than female.


(Also Minor cast and casts from other Webcomic I 'borrowed' and may borrow once more for story~;D)

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