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Ch1, Page3

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Ch1, Page3

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Author Notes:

Thah S. 21st Nov 2016, 8:16 AM
Thah S.
Long story short, this page took longer cuz drew 5 page to choose... And was crying on which is best next page for rest story to go on.DX It's a next character reveal, it either already introduce: Dawn(Nova older sis) & Lixue or 3 new one yet revealed. So yeah tough choices, the one I choose does change story. Thus you already know I chosen.:D{Also bit change on pg2 for reason.}

Yep, it Kittycat Lixue! Though she look different cuz of hair and eyes for this. Why? Because this actually her 'original' look long before the lilac haired and white eyes girl you knew. But she'll have that look back later in story soon.

{Also, I've gone to Kraken Con on Saturday and was awesome for that first big Con I gone to. Bought lot stuff, video tape cuz picture don't seem enough, and talk to very talented artist! I did bought 2 book of Kings Folly and autograph by Allexis Kristedja! Died happily and her comic is beautiful it must read comic.:D Also saw my fave anime InuYasha though it was damn right cute cuz it actually a family cosplay! The mom and Dad is actually Sango and Miroku plus Inu gang, except Kirara, is children!Xp To adorable and everyone adore it too much. Also got jump-scared by Alien Predator! Plus scared more people when everyone is distracted also the cosplay is on point except tongue for it turn into party-blower thingy.:D}

Disclaim/Credit: I don't own National FFA(Future Farmer of America/Agriculture) Organization nor Real life item and any of the display item shown here that is taken picture of. They are all made by people who showcase it or enter contest, so give them a credit if they see this or comment this. Cuz I don't claim them at all.



azureXtwilight 24th Nov 2016, 10:17 PM
Aw, Lixue is very pretty!
Thah S. 10th Dec 2016, 6:01 AM
Thah S.
Awwwww thanks! Glad you like this, Azure~<3
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